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The United States Commission on Civil Rights does not act as an advocate for complainants or respondents in claims of discrimination, nor does it have enforcement powers. However, the Commission can assist you in the complaint process through its Complaint Referral Service. You may also find the Commission publication(s) listed below helpful:


This publication provides useful information on how, when, and where to file a complaint. It includes additional information for people with certain special circumstances, including information for Native Americans, members of the armed forces, and those who are institutionalized. It also lists contact information for federal agency regional, district, and local civil rights offices; selected private organizations; and state bar associations.



If you or someone you know has been subjected to anti-Semitism at your college, the information contained in ENDING CAMPUS ANTI-SEMITISM may provide useful information. This information may also assist parents and students to address anti-Semitism at public elementary and secondary schools. University administrators, faculty, and other members of the university community may also find this valuable.


As you review the information contained in ENDING CAMPUS ANTI-SEMITISM , you should consider that some forms of campus anti-Semitism may implicate the First Amendment or issues of ACADEMIC FREEDOM. In order to understand these issues better, we recommend that you read the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights´┐Ż discussion of FIRST AMENDMENT ISSUES. You should also review discussions on ACADEMIC FREEDOM.