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At a Commission briefing on campus anti-Semitism, a panelist reported that victims of anti-Semitism may feel marginalized, unwelcome, intimidated, or afraid. Sometimes, taking action against anti-Semitism by filing a complaint may reduce or eliminate such feelings. Sometimes, those feelings may remain even after you have reported an incident. You may wish to seek assistance to deal with feelings arising out of the incident/s.

 If you are experiencing such feelings you may wish to: 

  • Visit your campus� counseling center


  • Obtain a referral from your campus� counseling center or similar office to see a professional who may be able to assist you


  • Visit your campus chaplaincy. Your campus chaplaincy may be found at an office of religious life or some similar office


  • Speak with someone from a chaplaincy unaffiliated with your campus, such as  a rabbi at a local synagogue


  • Visit your campus Hillel if one exists at your college